Our special thanks to a visitor from Norway. He send us very useful information. 
Proton was a brand of Radionette, a radio fabric in Norway.
Started in January 1927 as A / S Wessel Radiofabrikk Radionette by Jan Wessel.

This company was very innovative and the first one in Norway who started with the production of 220 Volt Radio's. Earlier all radio's works only with a battery. The fabric was really very succesfully and after a short time it needs to enlarge.
From the most successfull model Radionette build 224.000 pieces between 1950-1958. 
In 1968 Radionette moves to a new production hall Sandvika, later known as Info-Rama.

Radionette came in big financial trouble, and was merged with Tandberg Radio(fabrikk/=factory) in 1972. Jens Christian which then was in control for Radionette, coercion with help of his contacts in government got Tandberg to buy Radionette, when Tandberg wanted expand his business. Tandberg also in his turn in problems, and laid dawn Radionette in 1978. Later the year Tandberg got bankrupt.

Today Radionette is still a brand name for Elkjøp and Lefdal and for products in Asia.

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