Brush Industries was founded by Charles Francis Brush, an inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Among his many accomplishments are the first practical electric arc light; ashless petroleum coke electrode (carbon electrode); and the commercial version of the lead storage battery. Entire industries were built around his inventions and major cities were lit with Brush Lights. One of his companies, the Brush Electric Company was part of a consolidation, which eventually led to the formation of the General Electric Company (GE). His penchant for making the world a better place to live ultimately led to the establishment of Brush Industries.

Brush Industries has a rich history in the world of machine-readable devices. Originally founded in 1919 by Charles Francis Brush as Brush Labs, a research company based in Cleveland, Ohio, the company was started with the intention to develop phonographic products that utilized piezoelectric crystals. Mr. Brush died prematurely in 1929 but his backers founded the Brush Development Company in 1930 to commercialize the inventions of Brush Labs. The newly formed company became the USA's biggest manufacturer of instrument recorders and other test and measurement instrumentation in the latter half of the 1930s. Brush's main business in 1943 was the production of piezoelectric phonograph pickups.
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The firm also offered several products in the magnetic recording field. It was the sole producer of the piezo electric hearing-aid receiver and marketed a sound mirror to aid in voice training. The Brush BK 401 Sound Mirror (1946) was the first tape recorder to be designed and built in the United States.

Brush Sound Mirror
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